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Brian Kettell is an IBF Net Metaverse Scholar. His works are available as NFTs at our Affluence Platform.

Brian Kettell

Former Advisor to the CEO at Islamic Development Bank Group

Brian Kettell has a wealth of experience in the area of Islamic finance. He worked for several years as an Economic Advisor for the Central Bank of Bahrain where he had numerous banking responsibilities. Subsequently, Brian taught courses on Islamic banking and finance at a range of financial institutions including National Commercial Bank (Saudi Arabia), Global Investment House (Kuwait), Noor Islamic Bank (UAE), the UK Treasury, the Central Bank of Iran, the Central Bank of Syria, the Securities Investment Institute and the Institute for Financial Services. Brian’s vast academic expertise in Islamic finance is highlighted by his role as Joint Editor of the Islamic Finance Qualification Handbook and his past teaching work at a number of top financial universities worldwide including the London School of Economics, the City University of Hong Kong and London Metropolitan University Business School. 

Brian’s impressive list of publications include over 100 articles in journals, business magazines and the financial press including Islamic Business and Finance, the Central Banking Journal, Euromoney, the Securities Journal and the International Currency Review. He has also published 14 books on banking and financial markets. Brian is currently based in UAE and works as a specialist Trainer and Consultant in Islamic Banking and Finance. 

www.sukuktraining.co.uk | email: [email protected] | https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-kettell-633a6a12